Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hoot Hoot

Favorite time!

Forever 21

My infamous owl ring! I wear this almost all the time if I'm wearing gold. I almost had a heart attack when I thought I lost it! This is my faaaaaavorite ring!

To go with this ring, I love wearing it with my gold diamond earrings. Both from Forever 21!

I know I already posted this, but I LOVE accessories because it really helps out a simple outfit. I mean you could wear a plain white t and add some tapatio with some accessories!

Currently, I'm waiting for my package! I bought a new pair of heels and some new earrings. I can't wait to show you guys!


  1. i love the owl ring. it's so cute.
    can't wait for forever 21 to come to the UK!

  2. Thanks! You're sweet (:

    And you don't have a Forever 21 over there?!!

  3. I have the same ring, and I love it!

  4. Ahhh don't you?!! Hahah it's my favorite (: