Monday, February 21, 2011

Party all the time!

I am so sorry I've been neglecting my fashion blog ): I've been so busy with school and dance I haven't really had time to dress up. Plus I've been feeling like I have no clothes! For the girls reading, I'm sure you understand how that is!

But for the sake of not posting in a while, here is a basic party/casual look from the outfit I wore out to dinner with my girls. It was my twin's 21st birthday! Turning 21 is always fun, so why not dress fun! I basically switched my white blouse with this cheetah print tank top. The cheetah print is fun and also wild! Instead of my nude heels I also switched that out for my nude-fringed boots.

Again, blazer (F21), boots (Nordies), Shorts (H&M), Cheetah print tank (Nordies B.P), and belt (F21).

Better look of the outfit!

I paired this outfit with gold accessories being the gold seemed to accent the cheetah print and it fits the night time mood. Also, substitute that curly hair for some fun waves!

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