Saturday, January 29, 2011

First Day of School!

Sleeveless cardigan (B.P. Nordstroms), basic T (B.P. Nordstroms), striped bandeau (Forever 21-H81), leggings (Forever 21), fringed boots (Steve Madden/Nordstroms)

For the first day of school I wanted to wear something casual because it's only school, but dress up a little for the sake of putting on a good impression. Plus, who doesn't like to dress up on the first day of school?!

I have a thing for laced backings! I love it because it just adds a little "oomph" if your outfit is plain, or can just compliment an outfit that's already nice.

I know some people hate wearing leggings alone like that, but as long as you keep the crotch hidden it'll be all good! Hahaha.

These boots are my ultimate favorite because it's so comfy, and I don't really like wearing flats/sandals all the time. I don't know why on earth any girl would go to school in heels.. but hey, if that makes you feel confident than go for it! (: I personally feel awkward because everyone else is dressed down!

Good luck to everyone who is starting a new semester! And to all that's been in school this would be a good everyday look also.

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