Monday, December 3, 2012

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Part 3

I really think I've become OBSESSED with Mr. Jeffrey Campbell. During Black Friday I tried to delete every sale e-mail I received, and I kept repeating to myself I do NOT need another pair of Litas! But for $80?!!!! How could I pass that off. Luckily I found a size 5 on Miss KL because every other site were sold out. These shoes are completely crazy, my boyfriend thinks they're horrendous, but I think they're gorgeous! The studs literally hurt too, so be careful if you choose to get these!

I found that these fit a bit differently than the normal Litas. I had to get a half size up for the normal ones if I want to wear socks, but these were a 5, and fit perfectly with socks. The height goes a little bit further up on my leg, so I found that it was scraping my ankle, so I advise breaking these in, or wearing them with knee high socks of some sort. They're amazing, and I'm completely happy with my purchase!

Happy shopping everyone (:

Beanie Weather

Top: Obey tank, Zara Kids parka
Bottoms: Forever 21
Shoes: Steve Madden
Accessories: Random beanie, YSL Arty, Michael Kors "Blair", Target knee high

It was suppose to be raining today, but it was still quite sunny. I LOVE love love love how this outfit. So simple yet so cute, and I look like every other girl on Instagram :P I cannot stress how much I love knee high socks especially for this outfit. They just pair so well with boots. I'm only 4'11" and I feel like these socks really elongated my figure.

P.S. I randomly found this beanie in my drawers, and I thought it was horrendous at first. Now I'm wearing it everyday for this "cold" weather. I find it perfect because my hair is going through that really awkward stage.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Mustard Yellow

Top: Forever 21 tank, H&M cardigan
Bottoms: Charlotte Russe leggings
Shoes: Target
Accessories: YSL Arty, Michael Kors "Blair"

I can't even begin to tell you guys how happy I was to find this cardigan! I LOVE mustard yellow, and find it extremely impossible to find. I got this at H&M during their awesome buy 1 knitted top get 1 free. With finals coming around the corner, I am loving how comfy this outfit is. I've been way too lazy to look cute for my 8am class, but this is lazy and cute in my opinion. Let me know if you guys see anymore cute mustard yellow stuff!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Knitted Long Sleeve

Top: Forever 21
Bottoms: Forever 21
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Taupe Suede Litas
Accessories: H&M necklace, Michael Kors "Blair" watch

I wasn't going to the fanciest place tonight, but I really liked how this outfit came together! I chose my taupe shoes to match with the bright shirt. I felt like this was the perfect knitted top to go out to a bar in because it's actually very thin, but kept me warm outside in the rain. Just what I like for this bi-polar San Diego weather!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Parka Weather!

Top: Forever 21 tank, Zara Parka
Bottom: Forever 21
Shoes: Steve Madden
Accessories: Michael Kors Blair watch, Nordstroms scarf

It was finally raining in San Diego (for a day only!) and I FINALLY got to wear my parka I got from such a long time ago! I am falling in love with parkas, they're loose, comfy, and keeps you warm.

I'm so excited for the fall weather, hopefully I can get more OOTD's out being that I'm not living in shorts and tanks anymore. This calls for shopping!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Studded Collars

Top: English Rose
Bottoms: Forever 21
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Litas Taupe Suede
Accessories: Michael Kors "Blair"

There was really bad lighting in the hotel, so I'm sorry!

I am in love with this top! I got it at a thrift shop in San Francisco for $40. That's pricey for thrifting, I know, but there was Motel Rocks, English Rose, and other expensive brands there! I was really attracted to the studs on the collar, which you can't really see! I just got out of the shower, and was rushing to dinner sooo that is why this picture is so sloppy!

Anyway, I'm loving these sleeveless button up tops. If you guys know any cute, affordable ones please let me know!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jeffrey Campbell Litas Pt. 2

I recently just purchased the taupe suede Jeffrey Campbell Lita! I am in looove with them. I'm so glad I have two of these babies now.

Like I said in my first post, you will not go wrong buying these! I wore my distressed black ones, and was able to walk 5 miles in them! Yes, I did get a blister, but it's because I bought a half size too small ):

I bought a 5.5 and they fit PERFECT. I am really, really happy I have two colors. Obviously I'm crazy about them!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Officially Summer

Top: Nordstroms B.P.
Bottoms: American Apparel
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Litas
Accessories: Michael Kors "Blair", Zara belt

Okay, I know it's not REALLY summer, but here in So-Cal it is extremely hot. Plus I am on summer vacation!

I went to Disneyland yesterday with my family and boyfriend, and today we were suppose to go to the Santa Monica Pier; however, we didn't get to go because there was too much traffic after we did some shopping at Downtown Disney, and ate some Korean BBQ! Maybe next time.

But I am extremely happy with how this outfit turned out! The top was a crop top, and I was so worried it would keep popping out of my high waisted shorts because they weren't high enough to go over my top completely ha ha. It was so hot, this outfit kept me cool thank goodness.

Hope you guys are enjoying the weather!

P.S. My hair is growing crazy fast!

Monday, May 21, 2012


Top: Forever 21 Tank, Nordstrom BP Chambray
Bottom: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: TOMS
Accessories: Cotton On hat, Michael Kors "Blair", YSL "Arty"

I was EXTREMELY lazy on Friday and just wanted to be comfortable to work. Who doesn't love just lounging in leggings because I know I do!

I got the chambray button up at BP, and the material is so soft! It's a little thick, but I like that. It's a bit pricey though, it was $49. I couldn't find one that I loved as much as this. For an XS it was pretty long, but I guess I do like it because it gives it a more relaxed feel.

Summer break has officially strarted, and I'm really hoping to get more outfits out!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Julep Intro Offer for ONE PENNY

Hi everyone!

My friend recently just introduced me to Julep! If you're not familiar with it, Julep is a monthly subscription for nail polish! Each month I believe you get 2 nail polishes, and a pedicure cream for $19.99. I'm not positive yet because I'm still waiting for my first box to come.

Anyway, for this month they are having a special where you can try out your first month for only ONE PENNY! Just visit Julep and take the style quiz. This style quiz will choose a box that better suits your style, but if you don't want THAT box, you can view the other ones as well. At check out use promotion code "COLORS4ONE" Once you use the promotion code, and remember to change your shipping to FREE shipping, your order should only be 1 cent!

Let me know what you guys think of Julep if you have already tried it because I'm so excited! My nails are screaming for color, but that will definitely have to wait until after finals.

Have a great weekend everyone! I will try my best to get OOTD's out after finals are over.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

White Out

Cardigan: H&M
Top: B.P. Nordstom
Bottom: Wet Seal
Shoes: Steve Madden "Candence"
Accessories: H&M, Michael Kors "Blair"

I finally got me some white denim! I'm so excited because I've been trying to find really nice ones at a reasonable price. I was eyeing the ones from Hollister, but for $50 no thank you! I found these at Wet Seal for about $28! They're the perfect low cut, and they fit well. I need to get them hemmed because they are way too long! Hence the boots ha ha.

I wanted to wear this top because I'm just loving the colors, I should have taken a picture of the back because it has a laced racer back, maybe I'll add that on later!

I hope everyone is enjoying their day! Let me know if white denim are yay's or nay's. I had a lot of people stare at me yesterday!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Spring Forward

I am so excited that the sun is finally coming out to play! Although in San Diego, the weather is pretty inconsistent and bi-polar, so we switch off from rain to sunshine every other day!

With the sun, comes pretty bright colors!

Top: H&M Cardigan
Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Steve Madden "Candence"
Accessories: Michael Kors, YSL Arty, Zara belt

I really think I should start shopping for new accessories, but I just love my watch and ring so much! As for the dress, I recently purchased it and I am soooo in love with the colors! Really great addition to my wardrobe, and for $13 it is a steal to me. I'm contemplating if I should hem it a little shorter or not. Any opinions?

I should really clean this mirror soon!

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Dress: Motel
Jacket: Nordstrom BP
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Lita
Accessories: Michael Kors Blair watch, H&M necklace

I bought this dress back in October or November and I FINALLY brought it out to play. I am LOVING this dress. I love the detailed back, that's what attracted me to this dress in the first place. I couldn't be any happier with how it looks.

Of course I had to wear my Jeffrey Campbells! So obsessed with these heels because they are just so comfy. I am dying to buy another pair!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Playing With Textures

Top: Forever 21
Vest: Zara Kids
Jacket: Nordstroms Kids
Bottom: Hollister Jeggings
Shoes: Steve Madden Candence
Accessories: Michael Kors Blair, YSL Arty

It was pretty chilly today, and I wanted to bring out my fur vest again. I was inspired by a picture I saw of Miley Cyrus. She wore her fur vest with a motor jacket and I thought it was too cute to not try myself. I paired it with my faux leather jacket, and just a black lace top.

It turned out really cute to me! Makes me want to experiment more with different textures, like velvet for instance!

P.S. Sorry the mirror is so scratched up and dirty ): It's pretty old.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chop Chop Snip Snip

Top: Forever 21
Bottom: Hollister Jeggings
Shoes: Steve Madden Candence boots
Accessories: YSL Arty, Michael Kors Blaire, H&M necklace
Purse: Louis Vuitton Speedy

This is basically the same outfit I had worn on Christmas, but I made it more appropriate for school/regular day out! I dressed it down by wearing jeans instead of tights and shorts. I also didn't wear my fur vest, as much as I love it.

I was actually on my way to the salon to cut my hair off! I love it so much! I was so nervous about it at first because I haven't had short hair since like two years ago. I guess I was more emotional this time around because I loved having long hair, and I love curling it! After bleaching my hair so much, and dyeing it a lot, my ends were so fried to the point where it kept breaking off and wouldn't get any longer. I decided to just cut it short instead of getting a trim because I just wanted to have healthy hair again. Hopefully I can fight the temptation to dye it.

Hope you guys like it!

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Top: Brass Plum Nordstroms
Bottom: H&M
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell Litas
Accessories: Michael Kors

I've been trying to add some color into my closet since all I ever wear is black and white!

Also, I'm LOVING these Jeffrey Campbell! They're so comfortable, and I wear them every chance I get!

Bright Colors!

Shirt: Forever 21
Bottom: Forever 21
Shoes: Steve Madden
Accessories: Michael Kors, H&M

I've had these pants for 3 years now, and since the sun is coming back out to play I thought I should pull them out!