Monday, May 9, 2011

Going "ombre" for summer!

Hi everyone!! Here's an update for you! My hair is now BLONDE! Well most of my head that is. I decided to get an ombre do because I missed my blonde hair so much, but I dread going back to the salon to touch up on my roots! So what's better than just getting ombre highlights! The highlights are a little higher than I expected, but I LOVE my hair regardless! The blonde looks like it's basically at my roots, but without my bangs, TRUST ME. It is darker at my roots hahaha. I'm so glad I went through with it (: I hope you guys like it as well.

I also wanted to go lighter for the summer since last summer I had black hair.. and went lighter during the winter?! I got everything mixed up, and now I'm doing things right! Too bad it's starting to get gloomy again ):

I went to Salon Styletto. My friend Tany Ou did my hair for me, and she's amazing! If you're in San Diego, and looking for a great salon, I suggest you come here!

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